Thursday, July 15, 2010

Don't fence me in

This one's for you, Daddy! We wish you were here!!!!

I think all the baby books must just lie.

Lie in an effort to deceive all parents into thinking their children are super-extraordinary and amazing (as if we needed any additional incentive?).

Or perhaps it's a relativity thing. Since we have nothing else to compare to, no yardstick by which to measure our kids, we simply assume they are uniquely incredible.

Either way, I think Leah is amazing and tenacious.

Partly because of things like this:

She desperately wants to move, and has been trying to get herself around since well before she should have been able to. (Let us not forget the scooting up the bed incident when she was two months old.)

But this is her first forray into (almost) legitimate crawling. While she was playing on her playmat today, she rolled herself onto her tummy. Before I knew it, I heard grunting and noticed that she had managed to move herself about three inches by hopping/rocking/pulling herself.

By the time I grabbed the camera, she was getting a bit fussy, so this isn't her best work. I'm guessing she was fussy because she couldn't just get right up and crawl away as she'd like to.

Nobody tell her that those skinny arms will never hold her ginormous noggin...

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