Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Turns out, I AM creative!

Every year, I get ridiculously excited for the holidays.  My favorite is Halloween.  Well, at least that's what I say each year until the day after Thanksgiving, when Christmas officially becomes my favorite. 

As a devout reader of Better Homes and Gardens magazine, I look forward to their daily e-mail segment entitled "100 Days of Holidays" which starts on September 24th.  Each day is a little like Christmas as I eagerly open my e-mail to see what wonderful, creative and clever holiday inspiration awaits me. 

Today's e-mail was titled "Inspiring Ideas from Readers."  I love the reader-inspired photos.  I always marvel at how clever and creative people are in the vignettes they put together for the holidays.  I always sigh and wish that somehow I could put something that creative and clever together.  Whatever is in their water, I want some!

I clicked the link, and shuffled through a few good ideas before finding one that looked vaugely familiar.  (See page 11!)

Perhaps, because it is this photo:

Halloween 2008
 My photo!

Better Homes and Gardens published MY photo!!!!!!  I didn't even know my pics were in the running!  I thought I was just posting on a blog to share and get feedback, mostly so I can improve, since I don't consider myself either clever or creative.

I have to say, I feel rather pleased.  It was a very unexpected and pleasant surprise to be a part of the publication I idolize.  And it makes me that much more excited for this, my favorite!, time of year. 

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  1. that is so cool! I would be heaven, I love stuff like that! congrats on being published, and for being so creative ;)


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