Thursday, May 19, 2011

Can you explain where the time has gone?

Today is the last day of school.

First, I have to say that I have absolutely adored my 8th graders this year.  They are probably the best group I have ever taught.

Beyond that, though, can someone just explain to me how it's possible that it is May already?  And not just May, but late May.  A hop, skip and a week away from being June!

I honestly feel like this year is going faster than ever before.  Much faster than last year, but perhaps that is because it took us so darned long to get to March last year. 

I cannot believe that nearly 3 months have passed since Leah's birthday. 

It really is true what they say: time actually goes faster once you have children. 

Although I am completely, uterly and whole-heartedly excited to stay home with the little (and I have so, so, so many wonderful things planned for us this summer!  Enough to deserve its own post.  Let's just suffice it to say that there is a binder involved), I also have to admit that I am in awe of how quickly the year flew by. 

And can I just take this time to let it be known: I LOVE SUMMER!!!!!!  So let it begin.

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