Sunday, May 15, 2011

These are the moments I ask myself: Do I miss it?

I spent a vast majority of this day cleaning someone else's house. 

And I'm a really, really good cleaner.  That's the miracle of OCD.  In fact, I don't think I ever went through the whole "nesting" phase during my pregnancy.  We just called that "Saturday." 

But it's totally worth it, because this little guy comes home tomorrow:

You'll forgive the lovely picture.  I mentioned I was cleaning all day, right?

Baby James is about as sweet as they come.  And so teeeeeny tiny! 

I was surprised though by how very different holding him was than holding Leah.  Of course, God designed it that way for a reason... I shouldn't feel that deep emotional attachment for someone else's child.  But I didn't realize just how different the experience would be. 

Even though he is beautiful, I could give him back to his mommy without hesitation.  When Leah was out of my arms, there was a physical ache.

He is just gorgeous, and smooshy, and adorable, and I do love him.  And the difference between James and Leah?

Kind of astounding!  It's amazing how quickly we forget where they came from and just how very far they've come!  14 months ago, she was quite literally in James' place!

And although that newborn phase was awfully sweet...

...I have to admit that I like where we're at now even better! 

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