Monday, May 23, 2011

The one where mommy held another baby

If I had any illusions about bringing another baby into our family easily and without any fireworks, they are hereby dispelled.

Today, we went to visit Auntie Jessica and baby James. 

Leah is always a bit reserved when she's not in her comfort zone, but she usually gets along quite well with Auntie Jessica.  Sure, she's never her comfortable, relaxed, talkative self, but she tends to do okay.

Things went fine, until Mommy tried to hold baby James.

Then I had a totally different child on my hands.

She was easily upset, cried each time she fell (which she never, ever does.  She's usually so tough I'm amazed), walked around throwing things and generally creating chaos, and pulled on my leg while yelling "UP!" (completely breaking my heart, I might add).

And she has been off all day, even back home. 

It must be nice to be the only baby!  LMS 8 days old
Ahhh, things.  They are a-changin'!

All in all, big transitions will be in store for my dear heart, who, I'm sorry to inform her, will not remain an only child forever if I have anything to say about it.

Poor little pumpkin.  I think I traumatized her.  And probably Auntie Jessica, too.

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