Saturday, May 7, 2011

Reflections (Ramblings?) on Motherhood

Baby fever has begun here in our house.  I am fortunate to know no less than four beautiful mommies - including my very own BFF - who are waiting to go into labor at any moment. 

My role in this is very insignificant: I just keep waiting for that phone to ring.  Me... who never, ever, ever answers her cell phone and often takes full days to respond to text messages since I didn't know one came in.  Now I'm glued to my phone 24/7. 

Ring ring.

Jessica's having her baby!  I have to go to the hospital!  I scramble to find my phone and frantically yank it from whatever remote pocket of my purse it happens to be in. 

Nope.  Just Casey.  (And yes, I appreciate how terrible it sounds when I'm disappointed that my husband is calling me.  Let the judgement begin.)

And of course, it takes me back.

Reaching that moment?  Utterly life-changing. 

There is simply no way to be ready for it.  One moment, you're you - albeit you King-Sized, but still  you - the next, you're someone completely different.  You're someone's mother.  You are responsible no longer for growing a person; now you're charged with a more significant task: molding and shaping the life of a human being.

Being a mom is hard, no doubt. 

In so many ways, that first year is not what I expected.  It was infinitely more challenging, because the learning curve is so steep.  Everything is new, and as a mother, your approach to everything is completely different. 

It's more than just being a mom.  It's figuring out how to be a wife.  A worker.  A cleaner of the house.  A grocery store shopper.  A driver.  A chef.  A daughter.  A friend.  And still there is that monumental task of figuring out and caring for the beautiful individual you have been blessed with.

In other words, there are many opportunities to fail in each of these role.  And as a new mom, you do.  Often. 

But God is kind.  These are things you don't know yet, on that day when you hold that little miracle in your arms.

Besides, when it comes to motherhood, I firmly believe imperfect is the new perfect.

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  1. I'm a king-sized weepy mess now. Thanks for the reminder of how precious these times are.


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