Saturday, May 14, 2011

Once upon a rainy day

...A beautiful baby boy was born.  And he was safe, and healthy, and loved.

His mommy had an easy delivery - 6 hours from start to finish.  So quick that I regretted my trip to Starbucks, because it cost me being in the delivery room (even though I tried to compensate by going 100 mph on the high way... hee hee). 

So quick that mommy asked for an epidural, but it was denied on the grounds that they could see a head.

She did amazingly, and her son is incredible.

And the new family of three was taken to the exact same recovery room that we had: 311.  It brought back the most amazing flood of memories!  Things that seemed so insignificant at the time, I even forgot to blog about them.  Like...

- the football hold while nursing -

- those gigantic disposable underwear they give you.  So delightful! -

- the fact that I sat up every single time she needed to nurse, despite my C-section.  Why, oh why did I do that?!  I could have been lying on my side all that time!  She had nursing down about 4 minutes after her birth! -

- Boppy.  How many, many hours I spent with Boppy wrapped around me -

- How awful it is when the medical people try to give you detailed instructions about medications when you've just had a baby.  They really should write it all down and stop wasting their breath.  I couldn't pay attention to anything but Leah -

- How difficult it is to have your brand new baby held in someone else's arms, even in the same moment that it is wonderful -

- Telling Andrew not to make me laugh, because laughter hurt my C-section incision.  A LOT! -

I've said it before and I'll say it again: I can't wait to watch my beautiful friend be a mommy, and today, that dream officially became a reality.

The beauty of it is that she gets to do it all over again tomorrow.

Welcome to the world, James Michael Churnside.  We're all glad you're here!

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