Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Mommy, wear diapers please.

And, just like that, our adventure in potty training is over.

At least for now.

Believe me, I tried to talk up all the perks of wearing big girl panties - the fact that she gets an M&M ever time she goes in the potty chief among them. 

She was adamant: Want to wear diapers.  And if she's not on my team about this whole potty training thing, what hope do I have?

Besides that, it's become pretty clear to me that she's just not quite there yet. 

Every single milestone that girl has overcome, she's done so with ease when she was ready.  Transition from breastfeeding?  Totally her idea.  Starting legitimate solids instead of baby food?  She quit the stuff all on her own, and tried to tell me to give her the goods.  Leaving the paci behind?  No prob. 

So I have to believe that when she's ready to tackle this challenge, it will be - well, maybe easy isn't the right word, but certainly not this hard.  Progress will be made because she's there, and that's not what we have just yet.

Besides, I'll be off again in 8 short weeks (pause for my happy dance.  And.... go.) and we'll try again then.

What's another box or two of diapers?  Nobody goes to high school still wearing them. 

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