Sunday, March 25, 2012

One small step for Leah, two giant dumps in her pants

So, you guys, this potty training thing? 

You all got through it.  Right?  'Cause we're on day two and it's not looking so promising.

One of my greatest struggles as a teacher is knowing when kids really get what I'm trying to teach.  Often times, with kids who can talk the talk - that is, answer all my questions and thoroughly discuss whatever I'm teaching - it turns out they have no idea how to actually apply it to what they're learning when it's test time. 

I don't know why, but sometimes a gap exists between what we can talk about doing and what we can actually do.

That has definitely been the case with my little potty trainer. 

We've been talking for weeks about Big Girl Panties and how we don't poop or pee in them. 

Where does poopy go?  In the potty!!!!

The girl can shout it enthusiastically, and I'm pretty sure if I gave her a crayon, she could even draw me an accurately colored diagram.

When it comes the actual doing of it? 

Ah, another of those photos she'll thank me for showing the internet when she gets older.

I might as well be asking her to create a solution for peace in the Middle East. 

She has zero frame of reference for what I'm asking her to do.  The time spent on the potty is completely wasted, because there's always a little surprise in her pants ten minutes later, no matter how long we sat there. 

Or, maybe she is contemplating a solution for peace in the Middle East during all that naked-butt-sitting time. 

One success.  Two days.  Patience, patience, patience. 

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  1. Keep at it! I decided when potty training Jace that it takes time and a lot of patience. It seemed to click with Jace on day 4, until then it was touch and go. We are stil working on #2 (it's about 50/50 at this point). But the peeing he does great at, as long as a potty is available when he says he needs to go. Try to stay positive, and encouraging. I know it can be rough at first but it will get better if she is ready. Just never go back to diapers and using the term. Jace only wears undies (I even call his pull ups undies). Hoping things get better in the coming days :-)


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