Monday, March 19, 2012

Something blue

I'm not gonna lie: there's much more apprehension in my world about having a boy than there ever was having a girl.

I get girls.  We're normal.  Although a world full of men will disagree with me, the things we do make sense.

Everything, right down to changing the diaper and dealing with all those extra... seems odd to me. 

{Three words: pee pee tent.}

But this love.  It's big, and it's very real. 

The blue elephants.  The teeny, tiny feet.  The "Mommy Loves Me" onesie I've currently stashed in my dresser so I can see it every day.  The slender, warm body I'm in production of. 

Mommy loves me.  I'm going to be the mommy to a boy

And OH, how I love him already.  Even if he is a little more foreign to me right now (and maybe always, and that's okay) than my little girl. 

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