Saturday, March 3, 2012

The older you get, the more you know that beauty means pain

Our beautiful big girl,

Today, you got your ears pierced.  It was supposed to be a birthday present from a mommy and daddy who love you very much.  Although as I think about it nowI'm not sure it's the world's most loving gift, you did better than I could have dreamed.

You were so patient as the girls marked and double checked your ears.

Even though you looked a bit apprehensive as the big moment approached, you were such a trooper!  You were pretty surprised when you found out just what "ears pierced" really means!  You cried for a few seconds, but as soon as the candy bowl appeared,

you exclaimed, "Candy!" and the tears dried up immediately after that.

You even managed a smile (that breaks your mother's heart).

Besides, once we mentioned your two favorite words (ice cream!),

you were all smiles and told us, "feel better now."

Happy birthday, big girl.  We promise, next year we'll get you something that doesn't require any holes to be punched in your body.  We are so proud of you!


Mommy and Daddy

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