Friday, March 30, 2012

18 Weeks

Swollen much?  We've had beautiful weather this March (as I write this, it's predicted to be 87 degrees tomorrow), and along with it, an absolute onslaught of early spring allergies.  Ah, Claratin.  I miss you!

Baby size: Sweet potato (about 5.5 inches)

Weight gain: 4 pounds (even though I look like I've gained much more!)

This week has brought an increase of lower back pain.  Mine typically starts at about 9 weeks - even though it's not supposed to start until sometime after the 20th week - and it's getting tough to ignore.

Insomnia, check.  Luckily, what with it being spring break, I've been able to trade sleeping at night for sleeping at nap time; a ridiculous luxury, in my opinion.

The trade off for those two less than desirable side effects is that I've been able to feel some very distinct - very, very little - movements from our little one.  Instead of the log rolls I've been feeling, I've got actual hand/foot action.  Little, tiny kicks or punches that still feel sweet, slightly indescernable, and amazing.

And possibly hiccups; I'm about 90% sure I've felt those once or twice. 

Healthy and happy and very round?  Bliss.

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