Saturday, March 10, 2012

Birthdays, cake anxiety and crazy pregnancy dreams

First, we made this:

Then, we made this:

Today, we made this:

For this:

Not to imply that the last one is as amazing as the first two, but I have to admit it: I'm pretty dang proud of this silly cake. 

Maybe it's because of the anxiety and anticipation leading up to it.  I literally had nightmares - not just regular scary dreams, but the weird pregnancy kind where the most bizarre and unsettling things happen - about making this cake.

Not to mention, it was something of a production requiring a host of tools I never knew existed.

It began on Thursday, when I did the actual baking.  We ran into a slight hitch when my wonderful, helpful assistant dropped one of the layers on the floor, requiring an 11 p.m. run to the store and another afternoon of baking.

We decorated the cake last night at like 11:30 while watching Father of the Bride Part II.  Oh, and just in case you were wondering, 11:30 and pregnant ladies?  We don't get along so well.

We whine and complain.  A lot.  Especially when we've encountered each other two nights in a row. 

But we still make kick-butt cakes when push comes to shove (and it usually does - the push being off the couch or out a tall window, depending on how much complaining there was). 

In the end, all the stress and worry was totally worth it. 

I'm not sure I have it in me to top this one.  This very well may be as good as it's ever gonna get in the cake decorating department.  Good thing I saved it for a birthday she's always going to remember.  That is how it works, right?

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