Sunday, January 24, 2010


I'm posting no pictures. I'm giving nothing away!

Let's just say that when we woke up yesterday morning, the old "office" was still looking rather office-like, and that is no longer the case.

In fact, it now has a new coat of paint, new mouldings, and rather a lot of new furniture. And, it's not looking quite so "office-y" anymore...

It has been two days of a LOT of work (which is not entirely finished), but I think we have a nursery on our hands!!!!! I even washed Baby Girl's bed set - something I have been waiting to do since about September - and it has a brand new place to live; a place where a certain someone will be resting her head in about 7 weeks.

I am SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!

Rest assured, I will post pictures eventually. But for now, some secrets are worth keeping. :)

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