Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Week 30

Week 30!

Yes, the countdown has officially begun. It is amazing to me, even as I say it, that we are at week 30. It feels like just yesterday that Casey and I were secretly celebrating the milestone that was 10 weeks, and now - somehow - we only have 10 weeks to go.

It has all gone so fast, I am just in awe. I can't decide if I am thrilled or saddened to be hitting this important marker. I'm definitely thrilled in most ways, and of course I am unbelievably excited to meet her. At the same time, though, there is a little part of me that will (very selfishly) be sad to reach the end of pregnancy. I LOVE being pregnant! I adore the wonderful, special bond I have with my daughter, knowing her in the amazing way that I do.

Having so many wonderful experiences to look forward to helps to temper that little bit of sadness. I absolutely can't wait to see my husband hold our daughter. I hold that image in my heart every day, and I have no doubt that that moment will be one of the most treasured memories of my entire life. I can't wait!

And so, after all this time counting up the weeks, we are finally winding down. Only 10 weeks left, and still so much to do. I am excited, scared, and anxious about all that we still have left to do. Above all, I can't wait to hold that sweet baby in my arms and know that she is safe and healthy.

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