Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Back to School

With the students set to return to school on Friday, August 13th (does that seem like a bad omen to anyone besides me?!), Casey and Leah helped me set up my classroom last week as Mommy prepared to go back to work.

- setting up the classroom -

- the "before" picture -

- Leah was a great helper! -

I have a great deal less ambiguity about going back to work this time than I did in the spring. For starters, I know that it is what is necessary for our family, and that gives me incredible motivation to do what needs to get done. As an added bonus, I am extremely lucky to be going back to a job that I truly love and enjoy.

Even more than that, though, Leah is big enough now that I don't have the mind-numbing worry that I once had.

I am a recovering worryaholic and probably always will be, but I'm not nearly as paralyzed with fear the way I was when she was new and tiny. At 5 months old, I know that she is a strong baby, and I have greater faith in the likelihood that she won't tragically die in a freak accident (have I mentioned that I'm a recovering worryaholic?).

- the finished product. Now we're just waiting on those (not-so-)little faces -

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