Monday, August 2, 2010


For the record: We are now a house full of table-sitting, utensil-using, solid-food-eaters.

Well, "solid" is kind of subjective in Leah's case, but the rest is true.

I had hoped to nurse Leah exclusively the first six months and introduce solids after that. But, I have to be able to form coherent sentences at some point in the forseeable future. I pretend to teach English, after all.
How is that related to Leah's diet, you ask?

Well, sleeping even 4 hours at a stretch has been a rarity since before she was born. It has wreaked havoc on my thought process, and my vocabulary has been cut in half and now consists almost exclusively of indefinites. I don't think my 8th graders will pass their CSAPs if I teach them about thingys and youknowwhats.

Solid foods help them sleep better through the night... right??? Right?!

And so we set out to have baby's first feeding.

- She was very interested in the strange, mushy stuff -

- I tried to explain to her what was about to happen... I don't think she followed me -

- It went in pretty well... -

- ...until she actually got a taste! -

- Then she was none too pleased! -

- And it all came back out again -

It was hillarious to watch this process! I think she did manage to keep some down, although I had to nurse her afterward to make sure she'd had enough to eat.

But, practice makes perfect, so I'm sure we have a lot more of these faces in store!

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