Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Say "Ahhh"

Well, it's official: Leah had her first cold.

Not to be confused with teething, which, it turns out, she is not.  At least, not in the sense that teeth are actually peeking through those little gums.

Which we determined when we went to the doctor yesterday.  I missed all the signals - or misinterpreted them is a better way to express it.  The snotty nose.  The red, runny eyes.  The low fever.  The neediness.  The inconsolable crying when she tried to lie down.

Silly Mommy thought that was teething.

But, we went to the doctor to get the all clear, and Leah did just beautifully. She was cute, and enchanted by the paper on the check-up table!  Sitting up, looking in the mirror and smiling at Mommy like nothing was wrong.  Sweet, sweet baby. 

I also got to find out that, just a week and a half shy of her 6 month birthday (can that be right?  Where was all this speed when I was pregnant?!) she has officially (almost) doubled her birthweight: 14lbs 10 oz!

Leah handled her first real cold wonderfully, especially considering that her momma thought it was just irritability brought on by teething.  She's been very clingy, but delightful, content and smiley even in her clinginess.  Besides, Mommy doesn't mind a little extra cuddle time. 

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