Thursday, August 5, 2010


One of my most annoying best qualities is my ability to plan for the future and set goals.

Casey and I have been talking a lot about what we want our family to look like at this point in our lives, and a few weeks ago we sat down to get our priorities out on paper.

Now, I am also an organization junky, so setting aside some time for the two of us to sit down and get on the same page about our goals for our family was right up my alley! It was a good exercise, and in the end, we came up with this... our family mission statement.

Strassner Family Mission Statement

We commit to maintaining a strong, healthy and loving marriage that is the center of our family.
- We will maintain a regular date night twice per month
- We will communicate openly and effectively
- We will use that communication to establish goals, set priorities and parent as a team

We commit to raising our family with wholesome values that foster close-knit relationships.
- Our family believes that language is important and will pay attention to our words
- Our family believes in watching, listening to, and reading about things that encourage and enrich us
- Our family believes in contributing to making our household run as smoothly as possible
- Our family is committed to raising well rounded, well mannered, loving and happy individuals
- Our family encourages one another to be the best versions of themselves

We commit to nurturing traditions in order to strengthen our family bond.
- Sunday will be a day of regular, designated family time
- Twice each month, we will include extended family in Sunday brunch
- We will take a family vacation once per year
- We will select activities that get us out of the house at least three times per month – especially in summer/fall
- We will turn off the TV more often to better utilize family time together

We commit to setting a budget and making financially wise decisions that are in line with our family goals.
- Allow us to live off of a single income so that Melissa can stay home

We commit to thinking about what we put into our bodies and making healthy choices.
- We will eat out no more than once per week
- We will pack a lunch for work daily
- We will make organic baby food

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  1. what a great idea! I admire all of your goals, they are wonderful ones to have and I know you will excel at all of them. You guys are a wonderful family with such amazing values!


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