Sunday, August 15, 2010

Date night

You might remember the last time Casey and I had a date night. 

If not, let me refresh your memory...

It was March 9th - also known as the day before the C-section. 

If you've done your math correctly, you know that means that my husband and I haven't been out on our own in over 5 months. 

To be honest, I'm not that fussed about it.  I am definitely a homebody at heart, and there are very few things I would rather be doing than hanging out with my family.

That being said, though... Casey and I were still overdue for a night to ourselves.  Fortunately, our good friends Cassie and Chad gave us a wonderful reason to get a babysitter, get dressed up and celebrate: they're engaged!

So out we went, all dressed up, and enjoyed a night with the other adults.   
 - Just the two of us! -
 -The Girls -
 -  It's okay... they're just Shirley Temples.  I can't have too much adult fun in one night. -

 - Aww! -
And we actually had a wonderful time.  It was stressful leaving the house, but I know that it's something we honestly should do - it makes us healthier as a couple, and therefore strengthens our family. 

Before heading home, Casey, Auntie Jessica, Uncle Andrew and I stopped in to McDonalds for a little icecream (it was after -gasp- 10pm!  Everything else was closed.) and... a little more not-so-adult fun.

All in all, a night full of good fun, friends, and laughter.  But the best part of all - as always - was coming home to our beautiful, sleeping baby. 

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