Sunday, September 26, 2010

Ain't no stoppin' her now

Guess who can CRAWL?!

Yes, I recognize that this is not a photo of a baby crawling. 

But it was one of those things... she was up, took a few wobbly, tentative "steps" on her hands and knees and was down again before Daddy and I could get the camera. 

Mostly, what she can do is get on her knees with her butt up in the air.  She realized a few weeks ago that she can also push herself up onto her arms, but so far, she has just looked perplexed about how she wound up in such an odd position.

Today, we had actual crawling.  Daddy and I both yelled and cheered and encouraged her to do it again, but evidently once was enough... at least for now! 

I've been both longing for and dreading the day that she begins crawling.  The germaphobe in me dreads it, as does that protective mommy side I'm so in touch with. 

At the same time... crawling.  WOW!!!  What a wonderful, big girl we have!  Watch out, world!

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  1. You are about to enter into the grand world of baby proofing! Go Leah Go!


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