Sunday, September 19, 2010

The noise a lion makes

Recently, my lovely husband pulled a muscle in his back.  He was reaching over the crib to get Leah from a nap, and he couldn't straighten himself out of that position.

Which is why, on that particular night, I was changing Leah's diaper.

She is usually extremely chipper on the changing table.  At 3 am, I was mostly just hoping I wouldn't wake her up too much to prevent her from going back to sleep.

I was thinking about this when I heard a rather terrifying noise issuing from my baby. 

Leah was growling at me.  Not just growling... the noise that was coming from her was something from a horror movie.  At 3 am, I had a Rosemary's baby on the changing table!

In the days since then, Casey and I have had a ton of laughs about our growling baby.  We keep telling her that she is very smart... that IS the noise a lion makes!  (Lion sounds much better than "possessed baby," so we just go with it!)  I have no idea where she picked this up, or perhaps this is just the natural progression of vocal noises every baby must go through - considering she's the only baby I've ever had, I have no idea which way it goes. 

Here is a bit of video Casey took on his phone of our sweet daughter... growling. 

Frankly, I would have been happy with just some cooing or gurgling.

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