Saturday, September 11, 2010

At 6 months

Leah Madeline - 6 months old
September 10, 2010

Half a year has officially passed, and we are still in awe!  Where has the time gone?!

At six months, Leah...

...sits unsupported, although for some reason has a weakness on her left side.  If she wobbles to the left, it's a good bet she's going over.

...Still loves tummy time.  She can play for the longest time like this!

...Has been working on crawling.  Although I think we're safe for at least another month or (hopefully, maybe) two, that girl is going after it!

...Has tried 4 foods: watermelon (her favorite!), carrots, apples and whatever frosting happened to get in her mouth on Friday.  Her parents absolutely adore meal time!  We have more high chair pictures than any two people should have!

...Would also desperately like to stand.  She can't stand unsupported, but she can pull herself up from a laying to a standing position if you give her two fingers.  She can also "walk" from one person to another with assistance.  She loves it!

...still loves her paci.  I don't foresee us giving this thing up any time soon.  My little girl who, at 12 weeks in utero was already sucking her thumb... not much has changed!

...has a range of vocal noises from low, throaty growling to high-pitched squealing.  Her favorite noise is more of a gargle of spit in the back of her throat while she says "geeeee."  We think it's hillarious!

...her eyes are beginning to change color.  Who knows whether it will stick, but randomly she'll wake up with green eyes (like mine), and the next time we look, they're back to blue (which they were at birth).  Casey's eyes are also blue, so the jury is still out on which she'll end up with. 

...Enjoys getting her toes, which also means she makes short work of any socks we put on her. very ticklish under her chin, arms, and along her back.  Especially in the morning!

...has the sweetest little baby smiles each time she wakes up.  It's too adorable!

...I'm convinced she knows the following words: "let go" (useful for those times that Mommy's hair is the most interesting thing to play with), "gimme five," "hungry," and "kiss."  We've especially been working on gimme five, and she will put her hand up and "slap" when asked. happier, smilier and more content than ever.  It is such a joy to be her mommy!!!!

It is amazing how the time seems to have at once flown by, and at the same time, it is difficult to imagine life before Leah.  We love that sweet little pumpkin, and continue to feel blessed by each and every day.

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