Friday, November 5, 2010


All these years I have been missing out on a treasure trove of Halloween fun. 

Boo at the Zoo! 

How is it that I have never been?  (Maybe because I've never had a child... it looks a little creepy if you go to a place designed exclusively for children without a child.)  Today, we remedied that, and I believe another Strassner family tradition was born! 

It was an absolutely wonderful time.  Watching all the little ones in their adorable costumes, watching our own sweet little pumpkin... I had a ball!

We're getting there!

Casey kept telling me that it's creepy to take pictures of other people's children.  But I had to get at least one shot!  It was too much fun to watch all the little princesses and gobblins wandering the streets of the zoo!

Leah was a real trooper.  We were there for hours and hours, and of course she never takes naps in her stroller.  If there is something going on, she has to see and be a part of it (I can relate to that!). 

Not to mention, I finally had to take her little pumpkin pants off.  Who knew it would be 70 degrees the day before Halloween?  She was roasting in that heavy costume! 

All in all, it was an absolutely wonderful day.  The kind of day that makes me a little teary-eyed with gratitude for this beautiful family and wonderful life. 

Happy Halloween!

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