Saturday, November 6, 2010


Today, Leah and I had a little reunion with the mommies, daddies and babies from our Bradley class.  Now all seven to almost nine months old, the little cuties are all doing well, getting big, and just as sweet and wonderful as ever!

Of course, being all first-time parents, it wasn't quite enough to get together.  We also had to dress them up.  In Halloween costumes.  Even though Halloween was a week ago.  Awesome. 

I was impressed with how little chaos ensued...

 ...mostly.  But, get 7 babies together in one room jammed into cutesy, stuffy little outfits and frankly, it could have been a LOT worse! 

 Of the 9 babies in our class, Leah is the only girl.  She is one of just a handful who (usually) regularly sleeps through the night.  She is one of the half who is eating solid foods.  She is one of three who crawl.  She is the only one who growls. 

She was also the only one who didn't cry, which definitely pleased her mommy! 

She wasn't particularly interested in the babies - she's just not really a social creature.  She was much more content to hang with Mommy and observe the goings on.  She gave her two cents, crawled and touched a few of the others, but mostly she just wanted to sit and crawl near me.  She liked the other adults, interestingly enough. 

It was a room full of blessings.  I can't believe how amazingly fast our little pumpkins have grown!  It wasn't much after this time last year when we all began this journey together, and look at us now!!!

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