Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Eight is Great!

Can it be that today, our baby is 8 months old?

Things about Monkey at 8 months:

*Motors around quite easily.  Although she hasn't exactly mastered the "traditional" crawl on all fours, she crawls along just fine on her belly.  She's dying to explore the rest of the house; mom is kind of limiting her fun at this point.

*Has tried a number of foods, and we have yet to find one she doesn't like.  She is an eating machine, and often eats 2 icecubes of food, plus half a banana or 1/4 avocado!  Foods tried include:
- Butternut squash
- Carrots
- Avocado
- Apples
- Pears
- Watermelon
- Banana
- Sweet potato
- Broccoli
- Cauliflower
- Tomato
- Peas
- Potato
- Cheese
- Green onion
- Cupcake frosting (whoops!)
- Chocolate (on purpose; it wasn't received very well)
I think her favorite is pears.  She's such a good little eater, though, it can be hard to tell!

*Still has no teeth.  I can't imagine when those little biters are going to pop through.

*Still has no hair, although she is getting there.
Our little hurricane head

*Recognizes a variety of words, including her name, look, let go, kiss, The Wiggles (of course!), hungry, I love you, gimme five, hi, and bye. 

*Crawls to her toy baskets and pulls them over to play.

*Goes down easily for bed and naps, and sleeps through the night about 95% of the time from 7 pm to at least 4:30 (usually longer, but this has been the trend for a few weeks now)

*Still has an aversion to strangers, and would rather hang with Mommy and Daddy above anyone else.

*Nurses (or gets a bottle when I'm at work) 5 times a day.  Did I mention that she is well fed?

*Sticks out her tongue and blows raspberries. 

*Absolutely soaks herself in drool!

*Waves hello and byebye (although usually not without a LOT of prompting)

*Gives five.

*Loves to make us laugh!

*Gives the best hugs.

*Is adored, cherished, treasured, and loved to pieces by her parents.  We can't believe how fast these last 8 months have gone!  What in the world did we do before this beautiful little girl?!

**I finally discovered the secret to getting the pictures to post properly: DON'T rotate them.  Yup.  Leave them sideways, and they post properly.  Adjust them in the file, and they wind up going the wrong way on the blog.  Who knew?!

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