Sunday, November 7, 2010

More than just a roof

My Halloween decorations are still up.

Yep.  This year, we're that house.  Of course, it's still kind of appropriate, seeing as many of them didn't get put up until Halloween day to begin with - so at least they're getting some use.  With Casey out of town this weekend, there were a few things I just didn't get to. 

But regardless of my poor housekeeping, I have to appreciate just how lucky I am to have the opportunity to neglect my holiday decorations to begin with... 

In other words, today I am grateful for this house.
Casey and I bought the house nearly four years ago as the first step in our new life together.  I instantly loved the neighborhood the moment I drove in.  I came to look at another house that was for sale, and I vividly remember driving through on a bright sunny day in September.  Neighbors were outside washing their cars, kids were drawing on the sidewalk with chalk... it was perfect.

The house I came to look at was clearly out of our price range.  As I drove through the neighborhood, another "For Sale" sign caught my eye.  I got out and approached the house, and was told by a passing neighbor that it was a foreclosure.  It was the perfect opportunity! 

Casey and I came back to look at the house, which, inside, was an absolute disaster.  Structurally, the house was perfect, but it needed a LOT of TLC!  I remember seeing only potential.

We spent the first year retouching every single surface of the house: new carpets, new hardwood floors, new paint, painting the cabinets, new sod in the backyard, new light fixtures, new front door... it was a massive undertaking.  It was also an amazing opportunity for Casey and I, and I can't imagine being more grateful.  We came to discover that we can rely on each other for anything; the two of us together are an unstoppable whole.  What neither can accomplish separately, we accomplish easily together. 

It is a lesson we have both come to rely on, particularly since Leah was born. 
Notice the blue tape?  This was in July... we moved in in January.  Let's just say there was a LOT to do!

Casey replacing the hideous carpet in October

Hooray for our beautiful floors!

Roses from my beautiful rose bush

Flowers in the summer, pumpkins in the fall, snow in the winter.  I love it.

Refinishing the deck.  Next to laying sod, this was my least favorite job!

I LOVE our home!  I love that I picked out and designed every surface.  I love that my husband and I worked together to make it a home.

I know that we can't stay here forever, but whatever our lives bring, this will always be our first house.  It will always be the place where we got engaged, the place we came after our wedding, the place where we brought our daughter home.  A home that Casey and I built together.

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