Friday, November 19, 2010

If she's anything like me

If she's anything like me...

- She'll love to read -

- She will watch Disney movies almost exclusively until she's a teenager -

- She'll enjoy doing her homework, and will always raise her hand in class -

- She will never have a cigarette -

- Music will move inside her soul like nothing else can -

- She won't be afraid of what other people think of her... mostly -

- She will always wish for curly hair -

- She'll stand up fiercely for what she believes is right -

- She will never keep her room clean -

- She'll sing in the shower, and in the car -

- She will cry over a boy... okay, more than one -

- She'll love God with all her heart, soul and mind -

- She'll have a few great friends, and a lot who come and go -

- She'll be a huge perfectionist -

- She will try to see the good in others, and be kind with her words -

- She will fight with her mom (gulp) -

- She'll take risks, but only the kind that involve auditioning for something -

- She'll be overscheduled all the time -

- She'll adore her teachers -

- She'll be ready to go when it's time to leave (double gulp) -

- She will find someone who loves her and makes all her dreams come true -

- She'll be lucky enough to be a mommy -

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