Friday, March 25, 2011

1 Year Stats

Little Miss Leah had her 1 year doctor's appointment today.  My, my, how much that girl has changed in just one little year!

Stats at Birth                                           Stats at 1 Year
Weight: 7.12  lbs                                     18.4 lbs (9th%)
Height: 20 inches                                     28 1/2 inc (25th%)
Head:  15 inches                                     18 3/4 in. (97th%  YOWZA!)

The doctor was a bit concerned about her weight.  I got the official okay to give her butter and high-calorie foods to help her pack on the pounds.  I'm torn between worrying about my daughter's weight, and being completely jealous that someone who came out of me would ever be worrying about being too light.

I also wanted to ask: any chance there is a genetic component to her weight?  That girl honestly eats like a horse!  Casey and I often ask her if she has a hollow leg; we can't figure out where she is packing away all her food!!  Not to mention... well, have you seen her father?!

Otherwise, her development is completely normal.  The doctor was impressed by her vocabulary (yay!), and said that all her motor skills look great. 

We'll have to go back to the doctor in a week, because I didn't get her shots since my sweet little pumpkin has been sick.  We'll also have to have an x-ray done to check her hips since she was a breech baby.  Other than that, a great report from the doc! 

And, as an added bonus, we ran into Auntie Jessica completely at random!  Auntie Jess was there getting her own baby check-up, while I was checking Leah in to the pediatrician.  It is going to be so much fun to go back to the hospital Leah was born in to visit Jess and her own sweet bundle of joy!  That day will be here in just two short months... I can't wait!

All in all, a lot to be thankful for.

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  1. aw, sweet little Leah! It's nice to know we aren't the only ones needing to "fatten" up our baby. Lyla eats sooo much, too, yet is still a teeny thing. Glad everything is going well!


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