Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Did I ever tell you?

As I've written this blog over the last year, I've tried to include everything that was memorable and worth remembering.  Of course, with so many important events in the past year, some things definitely got left out.
So here are a few of the things I forgot to mention when there were so many things to mention, but I definitely want to remember.

1. Sushi
Did I ever tell you that my sister Kelsey brought me a feast of sushi while we were in the hospital?

Isn't this a lovely picture of me?  Do ya think I had a baby the day before?
 I had been dreaming of sushi since I got pregnant.  The day after Leah was born, once I got the okay from the doctor, I absolutely had to have some.  Kelsey delivered in a really big way!!!

I adore this picture... Kelsey, Jessica and I are all wearing the exactly the same expression - mouths stuffed full of sushi!!  It was the most generous and sweet thing she could have done, and that sushi tasted so darn good after not having any for nine months!

2. Hospital visits
 Did I ever tell you that on the day Leah was born, we had only a few hours to ourselves early in the morning? After that, it was a constant stream of people from about noon to 9pm! Although it was extremely overwhelming, and I remember literally missing my baby at times, it was such a blessing to have everyone we love see us and meet Leah on the day she was born.

Grandmas and Grandpas, shortly after Leah's birth - about 10 am. 


Uncle Andrew visits at about 2:30 pm

Kostas and Erinn stopped by to say hello at about 6. 

 John and Maggie came by around 6:30.

 Auntie Jessica came back to visit baby Leah (after seeing her early in the morning before work) around 7 pm.

Jeff and Dani rounded out the evening at almost 8.  I know we missed a few people in here, too.  I'm not really sure how that one happened, except that I had just had a baby, so I wasn't exactly at the top of my game.

3. The many faces of Leah
Did I ever tell you how hard I've laughed as I've looked at pictures like this:

Leah at 3 days old.  I love her little old man face!  Newborns are so goofy!

And this: 
Leah at 4 months

And this:

Leah's "Home Alone" face - 5 months
 That girl is a hoot!  I sure love her many, crazy faces!

4. The No-Diaper Incident
Did I ever tell you that on the day we had Leah's newborn photos taken, she pooped all over me?  Not dainty little new-baby-girl poo... we're talking full-on, explosive, long-range poop.  While my hand was on her bottom, no less. 

Yep.  Welcome to motherhood.

  5. Reader's Marathon
Did I ever tell you that we finished the Harry Potter series?  We began reading it in September of '09 while I was pregnant.  It took us a little over a year - November '10 - to finish all 7 books.  Granted, much of that was Casey reading about a page a night because pregnant Melissa couldn't stay awake much longer than the bottom of the page.  After Leah was born, we kept reading to her every night as we put her to bed.  It was pretty slow-going, but eventually we made it!  I don't know what I'll do if that girl doesn't love to read...

My, my.  What an amazing year it's been. 

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