Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Things I Love: Spring Break Edition

Things I love: Spring Break Edition

1. Oikos Organic Greek Yogurt.  How have I been missing out on this until now?  It's a shame when I buy the good stuff for Leah instead of myself.  At least she's expanding my horizons!  The best part?  Leah loves it as much as I do!  Especially with fresh strawberries.  Which leads us to...

2. Fresh strawberries!  For me, strawberries will forever be associated with summer.  Imagine my delight, then, that these are back.  Another of our lunch staples.

3. Planning, planning, planning for a best friend's baby shower.  I get to use my in-my-next-life event planner skills.  I am sooooooo excited!!!!!!!

4. Brightly colored, adorable springtime clothes!

LOVE pink and white!

5. Baby's first steps.  Yep.  She's not walking yet, but we've seen a few, sporatic solo-steps sprinkled in here and there.  She is so cautious, and she absolutely hates to fall, so she isn't really "in" to practicing her steps.  But, in the mean time, there is always her dino-walker, which is almost as fun. 

6. An entire week off - with my husband!  That's practically unprecedented since Leah's birth, and I couldn't be more excited!!!

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