Saturday, March 5, 2011

Top Ten Countdown: #6

Bath Time

Okay, so maybe not every single bath is my favorite. 

But I look forward to bath time each night, and it has been amazing to watch the progression and change in that baby at bath time. 

From her very, very first:

-  Still in the hospital.  Given by a nurse, much to my relief -

To the first bath at home:

- Given by Mommy and Daddy, with kind of disasterous results.  Mommy thought it would be cute to put a bathrobe on her.  Turns out, not such a good idea to keep a wet, freezing baby waiting. - 

To those times when we could fit her in the kitchen sink:

- Love the expression.  Kinda just says it all -

To her bigger, more grown up girl bath:

- LMS, 2 months old -  

- LMS, 5 months old -

And more recently, the BIG GIRL baths she takes that now involve toys and lots of splashing:

- LMS, 11 months old -

The bath pictures tell the story of a baby's growing up, and I adore them. 

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