Sunday, March 20, 2011

Whispering sweet nothings

My mother tells stories of how I spoke in full sentences before my 2nd birthday.  And not just things like "I'm hungry."  According to my mother, I knowingly advised someone at the store not to buy too many bananas, 'cause they go bad real quick.  Supposedly I was like 20 months old.

I've always secretly doubted these stories, because... well, really, who does that?

And then I watch my daughter.  At a year old, she can't speak clearly in the sense that she can enunciate words.  But boy, can she say a lot.

Here's the list:

"Go!" (as in, what we say to the dogs when we want them out of the room or out from under the kitchen table)
"Night night"
"Banana" (nanna)
"Cheese" (chssss!)
"I love you" (my favorite! It comes out as "I yahyoo")

It's such a joy to watch her figure out the world around her.  I'm always amazed when I ask her a question and she responds appropriately.  She understands SO much, even though she can't always "say" it. 

We can't wait to see what she'll learn next!

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  1. such a cute picture, I can't believe she still lets you put headbands on her! that's awesome! :) Lyla always pulled them off. anyways, it is so fun when they start using their voice,I love it!


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