Friday, March 11, 2011

'Twas the night before birthday

On the night before Leah's birthday party...

...My to-do list is still ridiculously long.

...I'm feeling much more excited than sad about the idea of having a one year old.

...I'm grateful and amazed at how fantastically easy being her mother has become.  I'm made to do this, and although I'm far from perfect, I do a good job.  I didn't always feel that way, so this newfound confidence is a nice change of pace.

...I'm getting excited about the next year, and the next steps for Casey and me and our family.

...I'm soooooo thrilled to see the little details of her party coming together.  It's even better than I envisioned!

As it has been all week, it's going to be a late night tonight.  But it's going to be so worth it!!!!!

And, because I just can't resist...

That's just how I do.  No wonder my to-do list is so long...

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